Welcome Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien

Mike returns to the department after spending 19 years in leadership positions at Verizon Wireless and Intel.  Mike earned his Systems Engineering B.S. in 1993 and his Industrial Engineering M.S. in 1996.

While at Verizon, Mike was a director in supply chain management.  Over the course of his tenure, Mike was responsible for the reverse logistics operation that processed over 1M returns per month.  He also led the forward logistics operations where he managed 2 third party logistics providers and was responsible for warehousing, inbound and outbound logistics for all handsets and accessories.  Additionally, Mike led projects to identify and close gaps in handset test procedures, and implemented call center routing and technician training efforts to improve the customer experience. 

At Intel, Mike’s focus was on factory scheduling and supply chain strategy.  Mike developed an MIP Assembly/Test solver used to conduct mid range planning and led a team to implement a very successful CPU delayed differentiation process.  Mike is very excited to be back in the SIE department supporting student’s integration of theory with the practical aspect of engineering. 

Welcome Mike!

Originally posted 9/30/2015

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