OEBC Travel Instructions

Engineering Room 106
Office Phone 621-6552

***Prior to Travel, check with your Faculty/Staff sponsor
about specific authorized reimbursable expenses. 

Expenses submitted that are not pre-authorized by your Faculty/Staff sponsor
will not be reimbursed ***

Business Travel:  All business travel and funding must be pre-approved prior to start of the trip.
To ensure compliance with FSO submit your Travel Authorization
at least 7 business days PRIOR for domestic travel or 30 business days PRIOR for International travel.
You are encouraged to submit your Travel Authorization much earlier than these minimum time frames.

Conference Registration:  Authorized conference registration may be pre-paid
by the OEBC Business Office, room 106.   Contact your Faculty Sponsor for authorization

What is Reimbursable:  All expenses must be authorized by Faculty sponsor

What is Not Reimbursable:
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance unless vehicle is rented overseas and is required
Movies or other hotel entertainment
Personal phone calls
Personal travel 

UA Travel Policy


OEBC Pre-Travel Instructions

Complete the Travel Authorization Form

7 business days PRIOR for domestic travel
30 business days PRIOR  for international travel


          o   Funding commitment from Faculty - email or letter

          o   Copy of Conference Information showing the dates and location of the Conference

          o   Designated Lodging Information (if applicable)

          o   If presenting, include a copy of the program listing your presentation

          o   Event activity already paid e.g., registration or airfare


     Submit:  Travel Authorization and Attachments:

          o   Bring to OEBC Room 106  
               8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
               Monday - Friday

     Helpful Hints:

          o   Shared Expenses:
               •    Do NOT share Meal Expenses
               •    Do NOT charge lodging to ONE individual,
                    have each individual in the room pay separately

          o   Receipts must be itemized – you will not be reimbursed for a non itemized receipt

          o   Meal Per Diem must have prior Faculty Sponsor approval

          o   Do not submit meal receipts for meals provided at Conference

          o   Read Post-Travel Instructions 

          o   Travel must be approved by Faculty Sponsor


OEBC Pre-Travel Instructions
Itemized Receipt Example

 Reimbursable receipts
Name of Vendor

Date of purchase

List of items purchased

Payment method

OEBC Post Travel Instructions

     Within 10 business days after returning from travel complete the OEBC Travel Form
          o  Bring to OEBC Room 106
               8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
               Monday - Friday

     Receipts must be itemized
          o   Tape itemized receipts to the one side of 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper
          o   Use multiple sheets of paper if necessary

     Alcohol will not be reimbursed

     Lodging Receipts:
          o  Lodging must be with a commercial establishment
          o  If designated lodging - A copy of the conference brochure must be submitted
               showing the site of the designated hotel and the cost per night
          o  If not designated, lodging per diem rate will apply
          o  Ask OEBC staff for per diem rates or check this website.

     Airline receipts:
          o  When purchasing tickets via the internet, the confirmation must indicate payment.
               i.e. XXXX XXXX XXXX 7699

     Registration or conference fees:
          o  Provide a brochure showing the opening and closing dates
               of the function is required along with original receipts.
               (Unless the Registration or Conference was Pre-Paid)

          o  If requesting mileage reimbursement, provide a query from Map Quest
               indicating the distance traveled, or provide odometer reading

     Parking/Garage Fees:
          o  Claims for parking/storage must be supported by a receipt

          o  Claims for taxis must be supported by the receipt
          o  Request the receipt when you enter the taxi

     Split the bill:
          o  If sharing a hotel have the hotel charge each person’s credit card individually
          o  Ask for separate itemized checks at dinner if eating with a large group

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