Space Systems Engineering Lab

The Space Systems Engineering Lab (SSEL) is a new group under the direction of Dr. Roberto Furfaro.  The lab conducts a number of studies, primarily concerning optimized interplanetary orbits, low-fidelity spacecraft design, flight guidance algorithms, and model-based systems engineering.  The primary function of SSEL at this point in time is to provide engineering support for the Lunar and Planetary Laboratories (LPL), a world renown space research institution located at the University of Arizona and recent recipient of the next NASA New Frontiers mission, OSIRIS-REx.

The SSEL is responsible for providing systems engineering support to the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission, operated at the University of Arizona by the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.  With collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the SSEL is currently constructing a number of virtual models illustrating the missions ground team data architecture, ensuring that the individual teams are getting the data they need in the time they need it in order to guarantee mission success.

More information about the OSIRIS-REx mission can be found here.

The SSEL group consists of a number of members with varied backgrounds, but we all share a common goal: the continued development of the human race in space.  We are:

Director - Roberto Furfaro

Research Engineers

Brian Gaudet         Sara Balram

Graduate Students

Dan Wibben           Scott Selnick    

Nathan Mogk          John Kidd

Patrick Ferraioli      Tzuyu (Jimmy) Lin

Undergraduate Students

Joel Mueting

To contact the SSEL, please note the following methods:

Roberto Furfaro can be emailed at

The webmaster can be emailed at for remarks concerning the website.

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