Solar Power Systems

Managing Centralized and Distributed Solar Power Systems in Western Power Grid

PIs: Young-Jun Son, Terry Bahill, Ferenc Szidarovszky and Güzin Bayraksan

Integration of renewable and distributed solar generators with the electric power grid aims to increase the efficiency and the reliability of providing power during peak load periods.  In order to reap the potential benefits of such integration, an optimal and robust mix of distributed resources and storage units should be located and operated.  To resolve this challenging problem, we propose to employ state-of-the-art systems and industrial engineering techniques in an innovative and integrated manner, including risk management, dynamic economic systems, large-scale and stochastic optimization, and simulation-based real-time planning and control.  In particular, we will develop models and methodologies for various aspects of distributed solar power generation in collaboration with our industrial partners such as Tucson Electric Power and Energy Resource Group.

University of Arizona College of Engineering