SIE Seniors Key to Design Day Success Stories

Winners of the Design Day 2017 Raytheon Award for Best Overall DesignOffering expertise on everything from drones to optics to augmented reality devices, systems and industrial engineering students played pivotal roles in multiple award-winning teams at UA Engineering Design Day 2017.

Seniors Fatemah Alabdullah and Victor Cortez helped their team take the top prize, the Raytheon Award for Best Overall Design. Their project, a system for pollinating Medjool date trees with a drone, could revolutionize the farming industry. Systems engineering major Shivani Patel's team also incorporated drones, though they focused instead on how to safely shut down drone networks.

Congratulations to the following SIE students who won Design Day 2017 awards:

  • Raytheon Award for Best Overall Design: Team 16062, featuring industrial engineering major Fatemah Alabdullah and systems engineering major Victor Cortez
  • Rincon Research Award for Best Presentation: Team 16056, featuring systems engineering major Taylor Moore
  • Ventana Award for Innovation in Engineering: Team 16020, featuring systems engineering major Feras Antoun
  • ACSS/L-3 Communications Award for Most Robust Systems Engineering: Team 16022, featuring systems engineering major Kyel Powell
  • Technical Documentation Consultants of Arizona Award for Best Design Documentation: Team 16025, featuring systems engineering majors Mark Fleckenstein and Michael Hailwood
  • TRAX International Award for Best Implementation of Agile Methodology: Team 16003, featuring systems engineering major Shivani Patel
  • W.L. Gore & Associates Award for Most Creative Solution: Team 16006, featuring engineering management major Andrew Whiteside
  • RBC Sargent Aerospace & Defense Voltaire Design Award: Team 16073, featuring systems engineering major David Renner
  • Dataforth Corporation Award for Best Design Using a Data Acquisition and Control System: Team 16039, featuring systems engineering major Israel Valle
  • II-VI Optical Systems Award for Best Use of Optical Design and Technology: Team 16025, featuring systems engineering majors Mark Fleckenstein and Michael Hailwood
  • Prototron Circuits Award for Best Printed Circuit Design: Team 16080, featuring industrial engineering major Zean Alzawawi
  • Honeywell Award for Excellence in Aerospace Electronic System Design: Team 16012, featuring engineering management major Taha Hasan

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