Roberto Furfaro

Associate Professor

Educational Background

Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, The University of Arizona, 2004.

M.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza", 1998.

Research & Teaching Interests

Intelligent Systems for Space Exploration, Space Systems Engineering, Guidance Navigation and Control of Space Systems, Radiative Transfer Numerical Modeling, Inverse Problems in Remote Sensing.

Selected Publications

Furfaro, R., Kargel, J., S., Lunine, J., I., Fink, W., Bishop, M. P., 2010, Identification of Cryovolcanism on Titan Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, Planetary and Space Science, Volume 5, Issue 5, Pages 761–779

Fairén AG, Schulze-Makuch D, Rodriguez AP, Fink W, Davila AF, Furfaro R, Uceda ER, Amils R, McKay CP, 2009, Evidence for Amazonian Acidic Liquid Water on Mars - A Review of MER Mission Results; Planetary and Space Science, Volume 57, Issue 3, Pages 276-287 .

Dohm, J. M., Baker, V., R.; Boynton, W., V.; Fairén, A., G.; Ferris, J., C.; Finch, M.; Furfaro, R.; Hare, T., M.; Janes, D., M.; Kargel, J., S.; Karunatillake, S.; Keller, J.; Kerry, K.; Kim, K. J.; Komatsu, G.; Mahaney, W., C.; Schulze-Makuch, D.; Marinangeli, L.; Ori, G., G.; Ruiz, J.,; Wheelock, S., J., 2009, GRS evidence and the possibility of paleooceans on Mars, Planetary and Space Science , Volume 57, Issues 5-6, Pages 664-684

Furfaro, R., Dohm, J.M., Fink, W., Kargel, J., Schulze-Makuch, D., Fairén, A.G., Palmero-Rodriguez, A., Bake, V.R., Ferré, P.T., Hare, T.M., Tarbell, M.A., Miyamoto, H., and Komatsu, G., 2008, The search for life beyond Earth through fuzzy expert systems, Planetary and Space Science, Volume 56, Issues 3-4, 448-472.

Morris, R. D., Kottas, A., Furfaro, R., Taddy, M., and Ganapol, B.., A Statistical Framework for the Sensitivity Analysis of Radiative Transfer Models Used in Remote Sensed Data Product Generation, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., Vol 46, No 12, December 2008.

Furfaro R., Lunine, J., Kargel, J., S., Fink, W., 2008, Intelligent Systems for the Autonomous Exploration of Titan and Enceladus, Space Exploration Technologies. Proc. SPIE, Volume 6960, 69600A (12 pages)

Furfaro R., Lunine, J., Elfes A., Reh, K., 2008, Wind-based navigation of a hot-air balloon on Titan: a feasibility study, Space Exploration Technologies. Proc. SPIE, Volume 6960, 69600C (13 pages).

Furfaro, R., Ganapol, B. D., Johnson, L. F., and Herwitz, S. R., 2007, Coffee Ripeness Monitoring with Airborne Imagery: Neural Network Algorithm for Field Ripeness Evaluation Using Reduced a priori Information., Appl. Eng. Ag. 23:379-387, 2007.

Furfaro, R. and Ganapol, B., 2007, Spectral Theory for Photon Transport in Dense Vegetation Media: Caseology for the Canopy Equation, Transp. Theory Stat. Phys. 36, 107-135, 2007.

Kargel, J.S., R. Furfaro, A.P. Rodriguez, et al., 2007, Martian hydrogeology sustained by thermally insulating gas and salt hydrates, Geology, November 2007, v.35, no.11, 975-978.

University of Arizona College of Engineering