Reliability & Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory

Focused Areas

  • Accelerated Life/Degradation Testing Models and Test Plans
  • Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • Service Part Logisitics
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Warranty Data Analysis and Demand Prediction


Lab Space:

  • ENGR 159/159A - Graduate Research
  • ENGR 122/124 - Reliability Testing


  • Typhoon 2.0 HALT Chamber (new, donated by Qualmark)
  • Associated Environmental Chamber SD-302
  • Test Bed for Hybrid Power Generation and Condition Monitoring (2KW wind turbine with WindSimulator, batteries, solar, powertrain fault detection, etc.)
  • 12+ Computers
  • Sensors & Data Acquisition Systems - accelerometers, acoustic emission sensor, current clamps, etc.
  • LCD Digital Deluxe Microscope (from 40x to 1600x)


  • ReliaSoft Software Packages (Weibull++, BlockSim, ALTA, etc., provided by ReliaSoft)
  • Matlab and Simulink with Toolboxes
  • Labview

Sponsors and Partners

Government Agencies


Industry Partners (in alphabetic order)

Qualmark has continuously been the leading manufacturerof accelerated reliability test equipment worldwide since pioneering the technology in the early 1990s.

ReliaSoft is the industry leader in software, training and consulting for reliability engineering and related fields.

Team Members

Lab Director: Dr. Haitao Liao

Graduate Students:

  • Faranak Fathi Aghdam (Focus: Nanowire growth process, nanodevice reliability)
  • Maryam Hamidi (Focus: Game theory, service logistics)
  • Hongwei Luo (Focus: Optimization of condition-based maintenance)
  • Wei Xie (Focus: Warranty analysis, service parts logistics)
  • Yiwen Xu (Focus: Reliability analysis of complex systems)
  • Dan Zhang (Focus: Energy efficient accelerated testing)
  • Ye Zhang (Focus: Degradation-based reliability analysis)

Visiting Scholars:

  • Lucia Cardenas Duarte from Universidad de Occidente, Culiacan, Mexico (as part of Latin American Summer Research Program)

Integrated Reliability, Maintenance and Service Logistic System





PI: Haitao Liao

Current Projects:

  1. CAREER: Adaptive Operational Coordination Methodology for Uncertainty Reduction in Product Life Cycle Reliability and Service Logistics
  2. Exploration of a Statistically Accurate and Energy Efficient Accelerated Testing Methodology
  3. Collaborative Research: Defect Modeling and Process Optimization for Nanowire Growth towards Improved Nanodevice Reliability
  4. Collaborative Research: Design of Equivalent Accelerated Life Testing Plans Involving Single or Multiple Stresses

Questions? Contact Haitao Liao, Ph.D. at

University of Arizona College of Engineering