MS with Quality and Reliability Option

 Quality and reliability engineering provides the theoretical and practical methodologies to improve the capability of systems to perform their designated functionalities, to predict the probability of their functioning without failures in certain environments for desired periods, to assess their maintainability, availability and safety based on sampled data, and to make decisions on corrective and mitigation actions.

The Master of Science in Industrial Engineering with Quality & Reliability Engineering option prepares students with formal training for career opportunities in quality and reliability engineering involved in product development, engineering design, manufacturing process control, and service realization. This program offers specialty focusing on basic engineering and statistics principles as well as advanced tools focusing on design of experiment, statistical process control and reliability engineering, which can be deployed in a wide range of industrial and business settings. Students formally trained can also independently develop novel solutions to problems that are unique to specific environment.

Employment Opportunities:

The demands from industry and government agencies for formally trained Quality and Reliability Engineers are increasingly high. This program will prepare graduates for a wide spectrum of career opportunities in aerospace, technology, environmental, and medical industries as well as manufacturing facilities.

Core Courses:

SIE 530 - Engineering Statistics (Fall)

SIE 506 - Quality Engineering (Spring - Prereq: SIE 530)

SIE 508 - Reliability Engineering (Spring - Prereq: SIE 530)

SIE 606 - Advanced Quality Engineering (Fall - Prereq: SIE 506)

SIE 608 - Advanced Reliability Engineering (Fall - Prereq: SIE 508)

Supporting Courses:

SIE 520 - Stochastic Modeling I (Spring)

SIE 531 - Simulation Modeling and Analysis (Spring, Fall)

SIE 545 - Fundamentals of Optimization (Fall)

SIE 546 -  Algorithms, Graphs and Networks (Spring)

SIE 554A - The Systems Engineering Process (Fall)

SIE 562 - Advanced Production Control (Fall)

STAT 571B - Design of Experiments (Spring)

SIE 631 - Multi-paradigm Distributed Simulation (Spring)

For more information regarding this option, please contact:

Jian Liu, Ph.D.



University of Arizona College of Engineering