MS Plan of Study

 The MS Plan of Study is the student's contract with the university concerning specific course requirements the student must satisfy to become eligible for the MS degree.  As soon as they arrive on campus, students see the Department Head or the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee for referral to a tentative advisor. 

Students prepare a Plan of Study as soon as possible (no later than immediately after the completion of 12 hours of course work), obtain the advisor’s signature, and return the form to the Student Academic Specialist.  The Student Academic Specialist submits the form to the SIE Graduate Studies Committee for review and signatures.  In reviewing the proposal, the committee considers the following: 

  • Does the program meet the course work requirements specified here?
  • Upon completion of the MS program, will the student have an acceptable background in the academic areas that the SIE Department considers to be of primary importance? 

Areas of primary importance in the SIE Department are as follows:

  • Computer Software Engineering (SIE 531, 547, 57x, 631)
  • Engineering Statistics (SIE 53x)
  • Intelligent Control (SIE 570, 589)
  • Manufacturing Systems (58x, 68x)
  • Optimization (SIE 54x, 64x)
  • Probabilistic Models and Techniques (SIE 52x, 62x, except SIE 528)
  • Production Systems (SIE 56x, 66x)
  • Systems Theory (SIE 55x, 65x)

If the Plan of Study is approved at the department level, the Student Academic Specialist sends it to the Graduate College Degree Check unit before the required Graduate College deadlines.  If it is not approved at the college level, the Plan of Study is returned to the student for changes and re-submission.

For information on specific courses that may not be included in the Plan of Study, students should consult with their advisor, the Student Academic Specialist, or the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee.  Typically credit is not allowed for courses offered by other departments that duplicate SIE course offerings.

Typical Plans of Study for the MS Degree

Plan A is intended for students with a Bachelor's degree in either Systems or Industrial Engineering or for other especially well-qualified students. 

Plan B is more slowly paced than Plan A and is intended for students with undergraduate degrees in engineering, mathematics, physics, or computer science.  It assumes that the student has completed four semesters of calculus-level mathematics, two semesters of calculus-level physics, and computer programming. 

Plan C is intended for graduates of non-engineering programs who have not taken any calculus-level mathematics and physics.  It assumes that the student will complete two semesters of calculus before the first full session in the program.


PLAN A              
MS in Systems Engineering          
Fall        Spring      
SIE 520 or SIE 530*   3CH SIE 550*     3CH
SIE 554*     3CH SIE 5xx or SIE 6xx   3CH
SIE 5xx     3CH SIE 5xx     3CH
SIE 5xx     3CH SIE 6xx     3CH
MS in Industrial Engineering          
Fall        Spring      
SIE 530*     3CH SIE 540** or SIE 546   3CH
SIE 545** or SIE 544   3CH SIE 56x or SIE 58x   3CH
SIE 56x or SIE 58x   3CH SIE 5xx     3CH
SIE 5xx     3CH SIE 6xx     3CH
Summer - Thesis Research (6CH) or Third Semester of 9CH    
MS in Engineering Management        
Fall        Spring      
SIE 567*     3CH SIE 515     3CH
SIE 522*     3CH SIE 557     3CH
ENGR 520R*   3CH ENGR 554     3CH
SIE 5xx     3CH SIE 6xx     3CH
Summer - Thesis Research (6CH) or Third Semester of 9CH    
PLAN B              
First Year              
Fall        Spring      
SIE 305     3CH SIE 321 or SIE 350    3CH
SIE 340     3CH SIE 5xx     3CH
SIE 5xx     3CH SIE 5xx     3CH
Second Year            
The second year of Plan B is similar to the first year of Plan A, with one exception: one of the 5xx courses in each semester may be replaced by    
thesis research. Hence, there is no summer or third semester required in this plan, as there is in Plan A.  
PLAN C              
In the following plan, students should choose 5xx according to the degree program 
of their choice (i.e., SYE, INE or EMG)        
First Year              
Fall        Spring      
Math 223     3CH SIE 270      3CH
Phys 141     3CH Phys 142     3CH
SIE 250 or SIE 260   3CH SIE 5xx     3CH
SIE 305     3CH Phys 241     3CH
SIE 377 or CSC 227   3CH SIE 321     3CH
Summer - SIE 265 or an Engineering Science elective    
Second Year            
Students may now follow Plan A, except that SIE 340 replaces an SIE 5xx in the  first semester.

University of Arizona College of Engineering