Graduate Status

Regular Graduate Status 

Students with adequate undergraduate preparation who meet the minimum admissions requirements are normally admitted with Regular Graduate Status. All graduate students must be granted Regular Status before the semester in which they plan to graduate. Without Regular Status, a student cannot receive an advanced degree from the SIE Department.

Non-Degree Status

Students holding a Bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, from a college or university that grants degrees recognized by the University of Arizona may attend graduate-level courses without being admitted to a graduate degree program.  Such students may enroll in graduate-level course work as their qualifications and performance permit.  However, no more than 12 units earned while in this status may later be applied toward an advanced degree awarded by the university.

Those students who are on Non-degree Status and who later decide to pursue a graduate degree must submit a Graduate Degree Program Application for Admission and the $50 admission fee to the Graduate College, as well as the additional documentation required by the SIE Department.

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