Extended Manufacturing & Services Enterprises

Design, Engineering, and Control of Integrated, Extended, Manufacturing and Service Enterprises

Director: Young-Jun Son 

Sponsors: NSF; NIST; Boeing; Raytheon; Peabody; Sandia

Our research focus is on the design, engineering, and control of the integrated, extended, manufacturing and service enterprise. We have developed 1) a new modeling framework based on a distributed federation of multi-paradigm simulation models, 2) a new integration platform based with emerging information and distributed-computing technologies, and 3) several original reference and information models. Together, these elements enable the coordination of data-driven, multi-scale, networked-federated simulation, decision, and execution modules that facilitate real-time decision-making and control. By introducing new modeling support technology, our research has enabled ambitious, yet cost-effective, analysis and control of large, complex enterprises with major implications for profits, productivity, and information security.


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