David C. Gross

David Gross
Assistant Professor


  • PhD, Systems Engineering, University of Central Florida, 2004
    Dissertation: Affordances in the Design of Virtual Environments 
  • MS, Operations Research Simulation, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1992
    Thesis: The Utility of Modern General Purpose Programming Languages for Discrete Event Simulation 
  • BS, Computer Science, Auburn University, 1985


  • Industry
    • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Deputy Chief Engineer, Simulation & Systems Integration Laboratories/Technical Fellow, 2009-2015
    • The Boeing Co., Chief Technologist for Experimentation/Associate Technical Fellow, 1985-2009
  • Academia
    • The University of Arizona, Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering, Assistant Professor, 2016-present
    • The University of Arizona, Space Object Behavior Sciences Initiative, System Engineer and Modeling & Simulation Expert, 2016-present
    • Georgia Tech, Systems Engineering Guest Lecturer, 2012-2014
    • Southern Polytechnic State University, Department of Systems Engineering, Adjunct Professor, 2010-2015
    • The University of Alabama at Huntsville, Continuing Education Course Developer/Lecturer, 2002-present

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Systems architecture
    • Complexity, interoperability, system of systems, ontological-based composability
  • Modeling and simulation
    • Reusable and adaptable software, semantic interoperability, advanced modeling techniques, the use of simulation for design/operational space exploration
  • Human-computer interfaces
    • Learnability, course-of-action analysis, information visualization
  • System verification, validation and accreditation/certification
  • Process engineering

Selected Publications

  • Journal Articles and Book Chapters
    • Gross, D.C. (2014). Technology management and user acceptance of VE technology. In K.M. Stanney (E.), Handbook of Virtual Environments: Design Implementation and Application (chapter 20). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.
    • Gross, D.C. (October 2005) Special Issue Editor: Foundations 04 and the State of Simulation Verification, Validation, and Accreditation. The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology, Volume 2 Number 4.
    • Gross, D.C., Stanney, K.M. and Cohn, J. (August 2005). Evoking Affordances in Virtual Environments via Sensory Stimuli Substitution. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages: 482-491
    • Gross, D.C., Stevenson, D.E., Youngblood, Y. and Zeigler, B. P. (2004). V&V State of the Art: Proceedings of Foundations 2004. A Workshop on Model and Simulation Verification and Validation for the 21st Century, October 13-15, 2002, Tempe, AZ. San Diego, CA: The Society for Modeling and Simulation, 2004.
    • Macala, R.R., Stuckey, L., and Gross, D.C. (1996). Managing Domain-Specific, Product-Line Development. IEEE Software, May 1996, 57-67.
  • Conference Proceedings
    • Tucker, W.V., and Gross, D.C. (2013). What more do we want in modeling and simulation interoperability and reuse? Proceedings of the 2013 Grand Challenges on Modeling and Simulation Conference, Article No. 27.
    • Gross, D.C., and Stuckey Jr., L. (2010). Validating Interoperability for LVC Simulation for T&E. M&S Workshop, Orlando, FL: International Test and Evaluation Association.
    • Lacy, L.W., Gross, D.C., Oren, T., Waite, B. (2010). A Realistic Roadmap for Developing a Modeling and Simulation Body of Knowledge Index. Spring 2010 Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Orlando, FL.
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    • Gross, D.C. and Tucker, W. V. (1997). Simulation: Trends & Implications. Plenary Address at the Simulation Multiconference, Atlanta, GA.
    • Gross, D.C., Stuckey, Jr., L.D., and Tucker, W.V. (1996). Final Validation of the Megaprogramming Approach for Reuse in Simulation. 18th Interservice/Industry Training Systems and Education Conference, Orlando, FL.
    • Gross, D.C. and Stuckey, L. (1991). Ada Types: The Cornerstone of Simulation Models. 13th Interservice/Industry Training Systems and Education Conference, November 1991.


  • U.S. Patent 8,138,992, "Method and apparatus for evoking perceptions of affordances in virtual environments"
  • U.S. Patent 7,557,775, "Method and apparatus for evoking perceptions of affordances in virtual environments"

University of Arizona College of Engineering