Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is concerned with the design, modeling and analysis of technological systems that employ people and machines, software and hardware, material and energy for such diverse purposes as communication, health care, transportation or manufacturing.

Ours was the first systems engineering department in the country. It was founded on the premise that if complex systems are to do what is intended, without unwanted side effects, they must be designed not only with imagination and technical skill, but with rigorous attention to the design process itself and to the interactions among the system components and with other systems and society.

Consequently, the curriculum provides students with design viewpoints and methodologies that emphasize system integration, and with subject matter and tools for modeling and analysis especially appropriate for large complex systems, e.g., probability and statistics, system theory, decision analysis, and simulation. 

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2017-2018 (PDF) Minor Course Guide for Systems Engineering (PDF)
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