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For regular admissions, applicants should have a Bachelor's degree in engineering, mathematics, or physics.  Students with Bachelor's degrees in other disciplines may also apply to the graduate program and receive regular admission after successfully completing required remedial coursework.

Application for admission is made by submitting an Application for Admission form to the Graduate College.  On that form, MS applicants should indicate Systems or Industrial Engineering as the major area.   MEng students should indicate Engineering as the major, and PhD students should indicate Systems and Industrial Engineering as the major.  In addition to academic transcripts, prospective students must submit GRE scores, a letter of intent describing their reasons for wanting to join our graduate program, and three letters of reference. International students must also submit TOEFL scores.

Inquiries about the graduate programs in this department can be sent electronically or by regular post.  Emails should be addressed to  Other requests for information may be sent to the following address:

Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee
Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering
P.O. Box 210020
The University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona  85721-0020

For more information on requirements for applying to the MS program, click here

For more information on requirements for applying to the PhD program, click here

Academic Advising

Upon arriving at the University of Arizona, students should contact the Department Head or the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee to receive initial academic advising.  At that time, students are assigned a tentative academic advisor according to their interests.  PhD students and MS students who want to actively pursue research need to identify a research advisor.  Students are encouraged to contact all faculty members in their area of interest for this purpose and choose their research advisor with these interests in mind.  Once a student and a faculty member agree to work together on research, the student informs the department’s Student Academic Specialist and the tentative academic advisor of this change.  In some cases, particularly when a student has special skills, the student may choose to accept a research assistantship from one professor while continuing to pursue a thesis or dissertation topic under the guidance of another advisor.  In such cases, the student must make her/his intent clear to both faculty members and the Student Academic Specialist.

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